Like most other kite clubs and association of kite flyers from all over the world the primary aim of Kite Club India is to promote kite related activities in different parts of the country and we also encourage kite makers and experts to share their knowledge with interested people to generate a better awareness and tradition of kite flying in the country. To spread the awareness about kites and kite flying we organize different kite events like kite exhibitions, kite making and painting competitions as well as kite flying events to make more people attracted to this wonderful sport. We also take special care to encourage children and draw their attention to kite making and kite flying. We also help other kite clubs in the country as well in Gujarat in organizing such events. According to their specific needs and requirements and our experts will also arrange workshops, festivals or special events in their preferred location. Kite flying training is also available for those who have recently developed a liking for the sport. In state like Gujarat we also work in collaboration with the government to promote kite tourism and every year participate in the annual International Kite Festival India to encourage more tourists to visit the state during the month of January every year.
We always try our best to generate as much awareness on kite flying and kite fighting in India as possible and as an association of Indian kite flyers we regularly take part in a varied number of activities like · Organizing state level as well as national and international kite festivals · Kite flying competition for corporate and non government organizations · Kite flying training with Indian fighter kites and kites from other countries in the world · Kite flying events for social celebrations, school competitions and other special occasions · Organizing kite making and kite painting competitions · International kite exhibitions · Knowledge sharing and lectures by master kite makers and kite flyers and also · Kite world record recognition. Contact Kite Club India for your entire kite related requirements and we will always be available to help you with our knowledge and expertise.

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